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Reunion Manager Features Overview

Reunion Manager has everything you need to manage your reunion.

Reunions Made Easy !

Reunion Manager will help you organize and manage your entire reunion online. From Printing your Name Tags with photos, to selling your reunion tickets. And don't forget we can also provide you with a Free Reunion Photographer.

This page will give you a good overview of the the Reunion Manager Control Panel Functions and what you can do, there are just too many features to list them all here. Click the Print Button under each Tab to print it out for your Reunion Committee.

Reunion websites are reponsive - meaning your Reunion Website will work on a Computer, Table or Phone.

Reunions Made Easy !

Each Tab Section has a Print Button like this:

Print each section out to give to your reunion committee members.


Reunion Control Panel - Managing your Reunion

Setting up and managing your Reunion is very easy to do. The main control panel is where you enter all your information in one convenient location.

FREE phone training is provided at any time to help you with any questions you may have and also to give you ideas if needed, on how to increase ticket sales.

We also have live chatting a majority of the day to help you even faster.


The top menu area, shown here, allows you to quickly perform needed reunion functions already programed into our system.

We also have live chatting a majority of the day to help you even quicker.


Dropdown Menus Functions:

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Reunion Reporting

The Reunion Managers Quick Glance® report is the most used report in our system. When you login you will see the Quick Glance report first, instantly giving you an up-to-date overview of the status of your reunion - from registrations to ticket sales. Reunion Manager stores this on an historical basis for each reunion you hold over the years. No other Reunion Management system today provides this type of comprehensive reporting, at a Quick Glance .

Reunions Made Easy !

Quck Glance Report

Reporting is one of the major strengths of Reunion Manager. All information you need to run and manage your reunion is only a click away. Registration & Payment reports can be sorted and searched by over 15 different methods each providing over 300 filtering options.

    Reunion Reports
  • Registration Report
  • Payment Report
  • Ticket Report
  • Donations Report
  • Export Records to Excel

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Reunion Website Quick Overview

Reunion Websites are Responsive in Design. This means your reunion website will display and work on:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers

Reunion Website Account page

All information related to your reunion and registrations is not avaialble to the public, Alumni need to Register and Login to see this information.

The Reunion Website itself is divided into 3 sections:

  • Top
  • Content
  • Side Menu

    The Top Section Contains:
  • Main Menu
  • Graphic Header
  • Support Phone Link
  • Facebook Group Link
  • Email Contact Link

Main Menu

The Reunion Info, Hotel Info, and Memorial Pages will only show if you have entered information into those areas.

In the Reunion Info & Hotel pages, each has an advanced page editor where you can add images, youtube videos & documents for downloading.

We provide Free 800# phone training at anytime to help you.

The Top section remains at the top at all times regardless of the device you are using. You have the ability customize your Reunion Website look by uploading your own Reunion Website graphic header at anytime. The Top links on the right top are based on the information you have entered in the Admin area of your site (facebook & Contact). The Main Menu once clicked displays all other pages for your Reunion Website by sliding out the left as shown at the bottom of this page.

This means everything about your reunion is only 1 click away at all times.


Click on the image to see a sample of a
Reunion Website, showing examples of all pages.

Reunions Made Easy !

Alumni Registrations:

Alumni Registration is simple and easy to do, basic standard contact information is collected. There are only 6 personal fields and 2 login related fields required. Alumni can change this information at any time in the future in their account area once they login. No information entered is shown publicly at any times and email addresses are never shown.


Once an Alumni has completed their registration form they login to see all other Reunion related information and to purchase their tickets.

Selling Reunion Tickets Online:

The Reunion Website Ticket Cart

Selling tickets to your Reunion has never been easier.

Reunion Manager keeps track of all Reunion Ticket Purchases, Fees and Net Amounts you receive. Reunion Manager is an authorized PayPal Partner. All ticket transactions are at a .0299% processing rate.

Reunion Manager does not charge any per registration fees either.

No other Reunion Website Services charges you less than what Reunion Manager does, we are the lowest in the industry.

All net Reunion Ticket proceeds received for your Reunion Event transfered into your own PayPal account. Within your Reunion Manager Admin Control Panel you are able to see each individual transaction, number of tickets ordered, Fees charged and Net amount you received per transaction.

Other Reunion Ticket Features:

  • You can create your own custom shopping cart
  • Unlimited Tickets per Reunion.
  • Sell an Unlimited number of other items (T-Shirts, Bags, etc. what ever you want - include a picture of item too )
  • Graduated Ticket Pricing, allows for increased pricing over time to encourage Alumni to purchase Reunion Tickets sooner.
  • Add Online Ticket Convenience Fee to Total Reunion Ticket Cost to recoup processing fees if desired.
  • User Entered Donation & Fundraising Option - can suggest donation amount also.
  • Limit Payment Options.
    • Online only.
    • Mail-in.
    • On-site.
  • Ability to add Reunion Ticket Payment Plans giving Alumni the ability to pay for Reunion Tickets over a 2-11 month period.
  • Customized Field option to Collect additional data you may need.
  • Option to allow Alumni to print their own Reunion Tickets online.


Reunions Made Easy !