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Reunion Cost Comparisons

Reunion Manager has the lowest costs within the industry.

Reunions Made Easy !


Reunion Manager has a per Reunion Year Support fee:

Single Alumni year $149.00
Multiple Alumni year $179.00

This is only charged the year you have a reunion or other alumni related events you sell tickets to attend.

If you hold reunions once every 10 Years this amounts to a record keeping & support cost of $14.90 a year or $1.24 a month.

There are NO Monthly or Annual Fees in between reunion years.

Use your Reunion Website for FREE to manage and stay in touch with your Alumnus in between your Reunions.

Reunion Manager Cost Comparison Chart

  Credit Card Processing Fee
  *# All Major
Credit Cards
Charged by Paypal.
Visa &
Mastercard only
Visa &
Mastercard only
    2.90%^ 5.90% 6.6%
  per Credit Card Transaction Fee
    $0.49 $0.75 $1.75
  Mail in Payments Fee, manually entered by you.
    FREE FREE 2.50% +
.90 per
Example online Reunion Ticket Purchase
  Reunion Ticket Price      
$50 $50
  Credit Card Processing Fee
    $1.94 $3.70 $4.59
  Net Funds Reunion receives per $50 Ticket
    $48.06 $46.30 $45.41
  Net Funds received per 100 Tickets Sold
    $4,806.00 $4,630.00 $4,541.00

  Monthly Fees
    $0 $19.95
per month* / $239 Annually
  Other Fees      
    $0 up to $30
per transfer
$25 wire
Transfer fee
  Free DIY Reunion Website (includes your own group URL Website Link)
  # of Website pages Unlimited 10 5
  Free Reunion Photographer
  Photo Albums / Photo Uploads
    YES Yes NO
  # of Photos Allowed Unlimited 500 1000
  Slideshow Creator YES / Unlimited Photos NO NO

  Receive Reunion Ticket Money
  Instantly into your
own PayPal Account
Delayed 3-10 days
7-10 days AFTER Event
^ Personal PayPal Account Rate - subject to change without notice by PayPal. Please comfirm your processing rate with PayPal directly.
You can accept VENMO and ZELLE payments but our system can not record those transactions because neither supplies coding for transactions to report it. Venmo & Zelle are considred
mailin payments in the RM system which you would manually record in Reunion Manager.

+ $ No annual charges.
* Premium Service with comparable level of services that Reunion Manager provides as standard.
Reunion Support FEE is prepaid for each Reunion Year.

Although the Reunion Manager System can record direct payments currently to your own PayPal account,  
There are no guarantees that this will be the case in the future, in which case you may have to enter your payments and tickets purchased manually.


Call us at 800-768-6024 with any questions you may have.

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