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About Reunion Manager

Consider Reunion Manager as a member of your Reunion Committee

Reunions Made Easy !


Consider Reunion Manager as another member of your Reunion Committee.

Via our 800# we can help your Reunion Group with tips & suggestions in such areas as:

  • Negotiating with vendors.
  • Tips on Finding lost Alumni
  • Ideas for increasing Reunion Ticket sales.
  • Suggest types of Reunion Event activities.
  • How to effectively use your Reunion Facebook page
  • We can even offer you creative centerpiece ideas


Reunion Manager is much more than just a Reunion Website service provider:

Reunion Manager is your Partner.

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Reunions made Easy !

Reunion Manager was created by the developers for their own High School Reunion back in 2006. The Reunion Managers wanted a quick, easy and simple way for Alumni to register and pay online for reunion tickets, using a PayPal account or a Credit/Debit Card.

The Reunion Committee also wanted to be able to quickly monitor the financial status of the Reunion instantly  - at a Quick Glance™ at all times.

Reunion Manager does all that and much more. 

Reunion Manager developers have been running Reunions and other corporate events for over 30 years.

Reunion Manager understands, what you as a Reunion Manager, goes through in managing your own Reunion and Alumni - and the headaches you encounter. The stress you are under in trying to please all Alumni to create a Reunion that is just right for your Reunion Group.

This is why Reunion Manager is considered the premier Reunion website service on the internet today! But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers think - Click Here